Hello, my name is Larissa Judd and I am the Owner and Operator of Gippsland Equine.

I’ve grown up with horses and since a very young age they have offered me strength and support.  Throughout the highs and lows of life they have challenged me, broken me, but importantly always given me a safe place to escape from whatever was happening in my life. Perhaps most importantly they’ve taught me to have confidence in myself, define my boundaries and say no when needed. Ironically working with horses came up as a career choice for me in a high school survey, but I’d done work experience at a racetrack and decided the long days and back breaking work wasn’t for me. I never really considered all the other ways I could work with horses until i was a lot (I mean a lot) older.

Taking the leap to change my career and my life wasn’t an easy one. I was nudged in the right direction by big changes in my life and that led me to wanting to help others that have been through similar events. I’d studied Secondary Teaching in the 90’s and went on to work in Natural Resources for almost two decades. I had a brief break from horses but for the most part they were always there in the background.  I stumbled across and started studying Equine Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy at the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Institute in 2012, and together with my Bachelor of Education, and as a recipient of the School of Counselling Nora Hupert Scholarship for Rural Women, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling in 2019.

I have a particular interest in, and lived experience of Grief, Youth Support & Personal Growth.

I offer room based or zoom counselling and psychotherapy together with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Khayalmi Equine Experiences and Residential Intensive programs are planned for the near future.

I look forward to discussing your personal goals,


Larissa Judd

B.Ed, Grad.Dip Coun., EAP Practitioner, Reiki I & II

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