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When we are engaging with horses we are intrinsically linked, physically, emotionally and energetically. The presence of calm and healthy horses can contribute to feelings of calm, confidence and develop trust in ‘others’.

Combining the Trauma Informed EPI model, the Heart Math relational grounding energy of their huge hearts, Reiki and Guided Meditation this experience is deeply soothing and restorative. Through the grounding energy of the horse your nervous system is calmed and reset

Only a handful of my horses are up for this work, they are healing souls who understand us on a deeper level than even we are aware. Sessions are scheduled to work in with the rhythm of the herd

Khayalami (meaning ‘my home’ in Zulu) healing sessions are scheduled to work in with the rhythm of the herd and are kept to a minimum to ensure the horses maintain a healthy balance between work and play.

A combination of EAP, Guided Meditation, Reiki and the Energy & Wisdom of the horses these sessions can:

  • Reducing the effects of anxiety, fear and stress
  • Supporting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Promoting deep relaxation
  • Deepening your relationships
  • And so much more…

What does a session look like?

You will lay on a cushioned table in the arena, with a warming biomat (optional). Selected members of the herd will also be present while you experience a guided meditation and Reiki session.  The horses are free to engage physically or not. They can use their presence to co-regulate and ground you from a distance or may choose to engage with you more intimately. They have also been known to stand in healing grids, particularly where there is more than one person present. Sessions may last up to 2 hours, with time prior to prepare and after to explore anything that may have arisen for you..

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